Media Center: ‘Hitler’ by Volker Ullrich

Media Center: ‘Hitler’ by Volker Ullrich

WHO: Adolf Hitler

WHAT: HITLER: Ascent, 1889-1939,
a new biography by Volker Ullrich

WHEN: Published by Knopf September 8, 2016

WHERE: Germany.

WHY: “Destined to become the new standard… One of the best biographies of Hitler to date.”
—Michael Farrell,
in a starred review for LIBRARY JOURNAL

“Timely, given the increase in right-wing intransigence throughout the world, and one of the best works on Hitler and the origins of the Third Reich to appear in recent years.” —KIRKUS REVIEWS

“Impressive… nuanced… masterful.
“A bafflingly complex human emerges in this first installment of an impressive new biography of the most infamous figure of the twentieth century. Drawing on newly available primary sources (including
Goebbels’ complete diaries) and wide-ranging recent scholarship, Ullrich develops a nuanced portrait of the failed artist who achieved undisputed mastery of the Third Reich.
“Distinguished previous biographers give Ullrich an interpretive foundation. But he judiciously identifies their errors, amplifies their strengths, and adds his own fresh insights as he limns Hitler’s uncanny skill at discerning others’ weaknesses, his Jacket photomesmerizing versatility as an actor, and his remarkable gift for transforming personal relationships into political assets. Unconvinced by scholars who view Hitler as a protean opportunist, Ullrich highlights Hitler’s unwavering commitment to two fixed objectives: ridding Germany of its Jews and securing living space for the homeland in Eastern Europe.
“How could a man so ruthlessly pursue these objectives while carrying a photo of his beloved mother in his pocket? Readers may ponder this question as Ullrich’s masterful narrative (seamlessly translated) carries them to April 1939, scant weeks before Hitler starts WWII by invading Poland.
“Appreciative readers will eagerly await volume two.”
—Bryce Christensen, in a starred review for BOOKLIST

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