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Your Favorite Writers Love Anne Tyler

Sometimes we heap praise upon an author in the hopes that you’ll choose a book we love to read with your book club. Other times we let the authors speak for themselves. In the case of Anne Tyler and her latest novel Clock Dance, we decided that the praise from your favorite writers is better than anything we could think up ourselves. Everyone from Stephen King to Ayelet Waldman loves an Anne Tyler novel; read on below for more from author-fans of the deeply beloved Anne Tyler.

“Anne Tyler is one of my favorite authors and even when I’m not reading one of her books I find myself channeling her style. My characters start to speak like they live in Baltimore, and I use italics everywhere because she does it so beautifully, whereas I just sound like a lunatic.”—Liane Moriarty

“She’s on my A list.”—Emma Donoghue

“I really admire her work.”—Wally Lamb

“My literary inspiration was the American writer Anne Tyler. Reading her for the first time was a very important moment in my life. I think she is a great writer. She writes simply and with humor and with soul.”—Nick Hornby

“Anne Tyler’s novels…are nothing short of miraculous.”—Kristin Hannah

“I am quite sure that reading Tyler’s work has made me a better craftsman.”— Jodi Picoult

“A new Anne Tyler book, for me, is a cause for celebration. . . . I love her work so much. There’s just something real and so well done about every story, every character, every sentence.”—Sarah Dessen

“Anne Tyler is one of our national treasures.”—Jennifer Weiner

“I adore Anne Tyler’s writing for its detailed excavations of everyday lives—she’s definitely an influence.”—Sarah Butler

“Anne Tyler has no peer. Her books just keep getting better and better.”—Anita Shreve