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Basque Country Omelette from The Silence of the White City

Not only is The Silence of the White City full of nail-biting suspense and forensic crime solving, it’s also steeped in the sights and sounds (and tastes!) of the Basque Country. As Inspector Unai López de Ayala closes in on the killer who is ravaging the Spanish city of Vitoria, the beloved landmarks and traditions of the ancient city bring the story vibrantly to life. In Chapter 9, readers get a taste when Doctor Urbina and his family join the San Prudencio festival. This five-hundred-year-old celebration takes place at the Basilica of San Prudencio in the Campas de Armentia, where dozens of families bring picnic lunches of aniseed doughnuts, sobao bread, and perretxiko omelettes that showcase the famous seasonal mushrooms of the Basque region.

We’re excited to share this delicious recipe for the Basque Country Omelette that you can bring to your book club or enjoy on your own. Even if you can’t harvest wild mushrooms from Vitoria’s countryside, you can still savor this delicacy while getting swept up in the history and intrigue of this summer’s most tantalizing thriller.


To download a PDF of the recipe, click here