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What’s Left of Me Is Yours Book Club Kit

“Scott deftly exposes how life-limiting even the most well-intentioned lies can be. . . .  Each chapter of this enrapturing novel is elegantly brief and charged with barely contained emotion. Yet Scott’s subject remains vast: the idea that the law itself does not protect the innocent, and ‘that what matters most is knowledgeof ourselves and others.’” The New York Times Book Review

In this gripping debut, a young woman unravels her mother’s affair with the man who killed her, the man who her father paid to help break up their marriage.

Based on the real-life covert industry of the “wakaresaseya” (literally “breaker-upper”), this novel is the perfect conversation starter for your next book club and our book club kit is available to make it even easier. This kit includes discussion questions, pronunciation guide, recipes, and more! To download a pdf, click here or on the image below.

Click here or on the image below to see the Book Club Kit: