Great Circle book cover


“I thought I would believe I’d seen the world, but there is too much of the world and too little of life. I thought I would believe I’d completed something, but now I doubt anything can be completed.” –Marian Graves, Great Circle

Maggie Shipstead traveled the world to write Great Circle and it shows–it’s a truly immersive reading experience. From Prohibition-era Montana to the Pacific Northwest, wartime London to modern-day Los Angeles, Great Circle spans the globe. The novel focuses on Marian Graves, a daredevil female aviator, and Hadley Baxter, the modern-day actress who is cast to play Marian in a film that centers on Marian’s disappearance in Antarctica.

To help your book club explore questions such as “Why do you think Marian wants to fly around the world?” and “Have you ever wanted to take a major risk without quite knowing why?” we’ve put together a book club kit which includes a discussion guide, a Q&A with Maggie Shipstead, and photos from her travels, too.

To download a pdf, click here.