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Pre-Order THE NOBLE HUSTLE and Receive a Set of Limited Edition Playing Cards

This promotion is now closed. Thank you! Order The Noble Hustle: Amazon Barnes & Noble Books-A-Million iBooks Indiebound (Order from your favorite local bookstore!) Powell’s Once you’ve done that, visit […]

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Worst Cube In America: Instagram

“Worst Cube In America” How To Enter 1. Take a photo of your cubicle or workspace. 2. Post your photo on Instagram with #WorstCubeInAmerica, #CUBED and tag @DoubledayBooks 3. Check […]

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Nightware | The Future of the Mind

Would a digital record of your dreams be a good thing or a bad thing? “An expansive, illuminating journey through the mind…These new mental frontiers make for captivating reading.”—Publishers Weekly […]

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The Setup Man

And now, an exclusive excerpt from T. T. Monday’s thrilling, rollicking debut mystery, The Setup Man. “A throwback Southern California mystery in modern pinstripes….A treat for readers of mystery or […]

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Total Recall | The Future of the Mind

In the future, you’ll upload your memories so your descendants can remember them. “An expansive, illuminating journey through the mind…These new mental frontiers make for captivating reading.”—Publishers Weekly “Ingenious predictions extrapolated […]

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The Caveman in Your Cube | The Future of the Mind

The Caveman Principle is this: given a choice between high-tech or high-touch, we opt for high-touch every time. For example, if we are given a choice between tickets to see […]

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Trust Me, I’m a Robot | The Future of the Mind

In our own lives, several times in a typical day we are confronted with situations where we have to tell a white lie. If people ask us how do they […]

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Was Joan of Arc Epileptic? | The Future of the Mind

More recently, another theory has emerged about this exceptional woman. Perhaps she actually suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy. People who have this sometimes experience seizures, but some of them also […]

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Did You Forget to Forget? | The Future of the Mind

The key to photographic memory may not be the ability of remarkable brains to learn; on the contrary, it may be the loss of the ability to forget. If this […]

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A Genius in 10,000 Hours | The Future of the Mind

According to psychologist Dr. K. Anders Ericsson and colleagues, who studied master violinists at Berlin’s elite Academy of Music, top concert violinists could easily rack up 10,000 hours of grueling […]

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