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Reading the Signs: Books with Multiple POV for Gemini Season

May 20th, 2020

Welcome to Reading the Signs, a new series in which we recommend books based on your zodiac sign. This is the beginning of Gemini season—the sign represented by twins—so we’re highlighting books with multiple points of view. Gemini season is likely to bring out your social creature, and you’ll be looking for ways to connect with friends and loved ones. You’ll want to be the star of your next book club meeting especially if it takes place virtually.

But which book will you be discussing? Our astrology obsessed editor Caitlin Landuyt has picked the perfect Gemini season story for each sign. Read on for the hilarious reasons why she knows which book you’ll love diving into this month.


9780307947307The Stand by Stephen King

This is a war book, so we’ve already got shades of Aries, and then it’s a war between good and evil where each side is convinced they’re the good guys, so it’s DEFINITELY an Aries. These little rams are running at one another screaming about Valhalla and how death on the battlefield is the best death and the rest of us (esp the Taureans) are just in a cave somewhere gnawing on a piece of meat like “well good luck to them, I guess.”

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9780679732259As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner

Anyone can see this trip to bury the family matriarch is a bad idea. Truly, anyone. But it does not matter. This family of Tauruses has got it into their heads that they are going to get to Jefferson, Mississippi and They. Will. Not. Be. Stopped. Not by wind or rain or fire or delusions.

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9781400095209Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I don’t want to be too literal, but twin sisters taking wildly different paths in life??? What else could I do, I ask you. And, if that weren’t enough, we’re looking at war through the dynamics of interpersonal relationships? Gemini, this is you through and through. Happy birthday, here’s your present.

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9781101971062Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

I know, I know, making the big family saga a Cancer is almost a given, but come on. This one touches on all your Cancer checkpoints, both good and bad: intuitive, protective, and caring, but also moody, vindictive, and overly sensitive. Don’t @ me, Cancers, you know it’s true.

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9780804172448Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

Strong Aquarian energy with this one because of the Arts and the whole “Doing Our Best to Propel Humanity Forward To Its Celestial Destiny” thing, but I’m giving it to the Leos because every character in this book is a little narcissistic (not totally their fault—need to stay alive and look out for the ole number one) and has that crazy Leo charm. Admit it, you imagined these characters shrouded in some kind of beautiful golden light. At least one of them shook their hair out.

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9781101973318I Was Anastasia by Ariel Lawhon

The story of Anastasia Romanov is romantic enough for any Libra, but the Virgos among us will truly revel in this twisty, turny, dual narrative. They’ll be annotating pages and cross-referencing events, navigating this book as though it’s the bullet journal of their dreams.

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9780385720953The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood

No one can just cut right to the core of your heart like a Libra. A tragic love story, you say? Someone trying to balance their desires with what’s expected, you say? Libra has their bags packed and is waiting for the train, this is what they have been planning for their whole life.

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9780307276681Swamplandia! by Karen Russell

This book is witchy, man. So much witchy energy. You have ghost boyfriends, and bird men, and a quest to the underworld, for goodness’ sake. It does not matter that it’s Florida and so you know the sun is shining and it is full on tropical up in there, these are Halloween vibes and Scorpios are basking in them.

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9780307477477A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan

Self-destructive characters pulled in unforeseen and unusual directions? Have you ever heard a more Sagittarius thing? Sags are reading this and thinking, “Hey! I’m not self-destructive! I’m just spontaneous” but all of us who have known and loved them know better. I’m sorry, but we do.

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9780385721790Atonement by Ian McEwan

Who but a Capricorn could turn a horrible mistake into a complex but ultimately rewarding experience? Trick question. Capricorns don’t make mistakes. Just ask them.

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9780375714368Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese

An epic novel spanning time and space, giving us insight into the world of medicine and geopolitics, largely populated with DOCTORS? Aquarians are just jumping up and down in glee right now. If you google “sign most likely to be a doctor” first you will see a list of very serious symptoms but then you will wise up and type “ZODIAC sign most likely to be a doctor” and you will get Aquarius right away. Aquarians didn’t need to google that, they knew it. And Virgos googled it correctly the first time.

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9780804172707A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

Have you seen the cover? This is a novel that people burst into tears while describing. Emotions for days. Emotions that seep out into every aspect of everyone’s life. And Pisces are just swimming around in the deep end of this emotional sea.

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