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A Note from Sara Kruzan on I Cried to Dream Again

May 4th, 2022

In I Cried to Dream Again, Sara Kruzan recounts her heartbreaking, disturbing, and, ultimately, empowering, story—from her time being abused, groomed, and trafficked for sex from age eleven to age sixteen, to killing her trafficker, being sentenced as a juvenile to life in prison without parole, and, finally, regaining her freedom to become an advocate for justice for all survivors of trafficking and abuse. 

Keep reading for a note from Sara to her readers, thanking them for journeying with her as she tells her story and wishing them healing from the traumas they have suffered.


Dear Readers,

First, thank you for your presence right here. For all of us who identify, are healing from/through, and can relate to the residual effects of spiritual, mental, verbal, emotional, sexual abuse, moral injuries and other human rights violations—I hope you feel the faith in our ability to heal together. I hope you experience more inspiration, compassion, strength, empathy and deep reflection.

Child sex trafficking and sacrifices of children are in the very origin of humanity. A battle between evil and the love of Jesus is ever exposed in the way we treat our children, ourselves, our loved ones, our words, our neighbors, our thoughts, our communities, our country, our beliefs, our values, etc. For me, walking alongside everyone to share in a very personal journey through the multifaceted lens of perspective is a true testament of the healing found in faith, hope, love and prayer rooted in grace.

With deep gratitude,

Sara Kruzan