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Media Center: 'The Beginner's Goodbye' by Anne Tyler

March 28th, 2012

Photo of Anne TylerWHO:
Anne Tyler


Published by Knopf April 10, 2012

Set in Baltimore, of course.

“This scintillating gem will be one of the author’s most popular hits.

“Anne Tyler’s bright charm resides in her signature blend of the serious and the larky. Her newest variation on this theme is an exceptionally lithe, sparkling, and covertly philosophical tale, set, as all her novels are, in Baltimore.
“Hampered with a crippled leg and arm, Aaron has always refused to be coddled, fending off his guilt-ridden mother and strong-willed sister. He married Dorothy, a doctor, because he loved her brusqueness and pragmatism. He is devastated when she dies in a freak accident that destroys their house until Dorothy begins returning from beyond.
“These precious, if mysterious, encounters are all that matter to Aaron. He moves in with his sister, turns his wrecked house over to Gil, a sympathetic contractor, and barricades himself in his office at his family’s vanity press to avoid frilly, cookie-baking, overly helpful Peggy. The press stays afloat by selling its Beginner’s series, little how-to books that Tyler astutely uses to illuminate how ill-prepared we are for life’s relentless demands. As Gil restores Aaron’s home, Aaron slowly rebuilds his life in this funny, sweet, and wise tale of lost and found love.”
—Donna Seaman, in a starred review for BOOKLIST

Photo of jacket“An uplifting tale of love and forgiveness.
By the end of this wonderful book, you’ve lived the lives and loves of these characters in the best possible way.”
—PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, a starred review

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