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Media Center: ‘Girls From Corona Del Mar’ by Rufi Thorpe

June 17th, 2014

WHO: Rufi Thorpe


WHEN: Published by Knopf July 9, 2014

WHERE: Set in California.

WHY: “An affecting debut.
A nuanced portrait of two women who are sisters in everything but name.” —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“This literary novel will leave readers questioning the myths and realities of complicated relationships.” —Rebecca Vnuk, BOOKLIST

“This book should appeal to readers who enjoy dark-edged relationship dramas, such as the works of Jane Hamilton and Wally Lamb.
“Growing up in a lower-middle-class neighborhood in Southern California, Mia always compared herself unfavorably with best friend Lorrie Anne, who had a serene sweetness and goodness and, in Mia’s eyes, a perfect family. Then a series of personal tragedies befalls Lorrie Ann and pulls the two friends in divergent directions: Mia to Yale and eventual success as a classics scholar; Lorrie Ann to early widowhood, motherhood to a severely handicapped son, and, eventually, drug addition.
“When Lorrie Ann unexpectedly turns up in Istanbul, where Mia is living on a research grant, Mia must reassess everything she thought she knew about herself, her friend, and her perceptions.” —Christine DeZelar-Tiedman, LIBRARY JOURNAL

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