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Media Center: ‘Natural Born Heroes’ by Christopher McDougall

April 15th, 2015

WHO: Christopher McDougall


WHEN: Published by Knopf April 14, 2015

WHERE: The author lives in Pennsylvania

WHY: “A mix of World War II history, Greek mythology, endurance training and spiritual self-help…
McDougall writes, ‘Heroes care. True heroism, as the ancients understood, isn’t about strength or boldness or even courage. It’s about compassion…[The hero] has to care so much about what’s human, it brings out what’s godly.’ Using examples and anecdotes spanning decades, the author shows how ordinary people can display extraordinary heroism, a quality not limited by age or gender.” —KIRKUS REVIEWS

“A well-done recounting of a truly heroic episode of World War II.
In April 1944, Greece remained under the yoke of Nazi Germany, with more than 100,000 troops occupying the mainland and adjacent islands. After the humiliating withdrawal of their own troops, the British government, in league with Greek partisans, launched a daring plan, designed to shore up both British and Greek morale while humiliating the occupying army. The plan was to kidnap a prominent German general from the island of Crete and then spirit him out of the country. The British commandos and Greek partisans carried out the abduction seamlessly. The tricky part was getting the commandos and their captive off the island. In absorbing detail, McDougall describes how the commandos and partisans trekked across tortuous mountain terrain while avoiding a massive German dragnet…this narrative is riveting.” —Jay Freeman, BOOKLIST

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