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‘For the Love of Music’ by John Mauceri

September 24th, 2019

WHO: John Mauceri

A Conductor’s Guide to the Art of Listening

WHEN: Published by Knopf September 19, 2019

WHERE: The author lives in New York.

WHY: “Eloquent and inspiring.
“Classical music is everywhere: radio and television commercials, movie and cartoon soundtracks, cell phone ringtones. But it’s so much more than background music. As Leonard Bernstein did with his Young People’s Concerts (still available on YouTube), his colleague and protege John Mauceri unlocks the key to his enjoyment in this eloquent and inspiring book.
“A noted conductor in Hollywood, on Broadway, and on the stages of opera companies and symphony orchestras around the world, Mauceri skillfully incorporates his musical experiences, from his youth to the present. Nine concise chapters provide a capsule history of Western music, setting it in cultural and historical context, explaining its structure, and advising readers on active listening. As Mauceri writes, ‘Classical music is not a temporary phenomenon. It is not of the moment. It is of every moment. It waits for you and welcomes you whenever you enter its domain.’
“The perfect companion for those who are already well versed in classical music and for those ready to take the plunge.” —Carolyn M. Mulac, LIBRARY JOURNAL

“The author’s joy for music is infectious.” —KIRKUS REVIEWS

“A passionate meditation.
Mauceri’s love letter will provoke newbies to give classical music a whirl and inspire fans to listen with fresh ears.” —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

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Knopf. With 10 photos.
210 pages. $25.95 ISBN 978-0-525-52065-8

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