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Recipe by the Book: Coffee Cream Cake for The Fires of Autumn

March 17th, 2015

Now available in the US for the first time, Irène Némirovsky’s novel The Fires of Autumn offers a unique glimpse into the minds of ordinary people in the midst of war, much like her international bestseller Suite Française. As witness to the most tumultuous decades in European history, Némirovsky has captured Parisian life on the eve of the Great War and the period between the two world wars, as few writers have—before or since. A world seemingly irretrievably out of reach is preserved as if in amber in the pages of her book.

Pair this quintessentially Parisian read with a dessert recipe that evokes the idyllic first scene of The Fires of Autumn, in which Némirovsky’s characters indulge in some coffee cake with cream!

(Having trouble viewing the recipe card below? Click here to view it on Scribd.)