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New Discussion Resources for Books Into Film

April 11th, 2010

Hollywood has always looked to good books for sources of inspiration, but in recent years the trend has become a tidal wave. Reading Groups often enjoy seeing these films and comparing them to the original books, but where’s the best place to start? Some guides don’t touch on the film adaptation, and some books may not have a guide at all. Check out our new discussion resources for Books Into Film below, and plan a trip to the movies with your group!

  • º Is the plot unchanged, or has it been simplified or otherwise altered for the film? If it has been changed, in what ways? Which elements of the story have been heightened, and which diminished? Why do you suppose the changes were made, and what is the overall effect of the revision?
  • º Did the book’s author have a role in the screenplay, either as writer or advisor? If yes, is the author’s viewpoint evident and how does it affect the film? If no, is the author’s viewpoint successfully or unsuccessfully conveyed?
  • º Have any characters been cut or added? If the main characters are essentially unaltered, how do the actors playing the main characters interpret their roles? Do the actors bring a different kind of meaning to the role than you had seen when you read the book? Does the physical appearance of the actors seem right for the characters?
  • º Different kinds of dialogue work better either on the page or on the screen. Are there any examples where exchanges are more vivid or memorable when read or, conversely, when seen?

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