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Media Center: ‘New Digital Age’ by Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen

April 17th, 2013

WHO: Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen

Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business

WHEN: Published by Knopf April 23, 2013

WHERE: Silicon Valley

“A thoughtful and well-balanced prognostication of what lies ahead.
‘Forget all the talk about machines taking over,’ write Schmidt and Cohen. ‘What happens in the future is up to us.’ The authors met in Baghdad in 2009 while working on a memo for the State Department. While there, they found that Iraqis not only valued technology, they believed in its potential to improve their lives and their country.
“With that in mind, the authors look at our increasingly networked world and speculate on what new global connections could bring, particularly as it will change foreign affairs in a future that ‘will be more personal and participatory than we can even imagine.’ The authors encapsulate a vast sweep of ideas, including personal citizenship online and off, censorship of electronic information as national policy (e.g., in China), and even what future revolutions (similar to the Arab Spring) will look like in years to come.
“The chapter on the future of terrorism is especially chilling, offering such possibilities as mobile explosive devices made from parts easily bought online or a well-coordinated, simultaneous bomb explosion in multiple American cities, followed by cyberattacks to cripple emergency services. The likelihood that technology could create a future that is both better and worse, in different ways, is probably the book’s most accurate prediction.” —KIRKUS REVIEWS

Jacket photo“This is the most important book yet written about how the digital age will affect our world…It’s both profoundly wise and wondrously readable.”
—Walter Isaacson

“Every day, technological innovations are giving people around the world new opportunities to shape their own destinies. In this fascinating book, Schmidt and Cohen draw upon their unique experiences to show us a future of rising incomes, growing participation, and a genuine sense of community—if we make the right choices today.” —Bill Clinton

“Few people in the world are doing more to imagine—and build—the new digital age than Schmidt and Cohen. With this book, they are looking into their crystal ball and inviting the world to peek in.” —Michael R. Bloomberg

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