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Destination INFERNO Quiz: Test Your Dan Brown Knowledge

August 12th, 2014

To unravel a series of codes—and save the world from the diabolical plan of a brilliant scientist—Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon embarks on a harrowing journey. It takes him on a scavenger hunt through Florence’s most beloved cultural and architectural landmarks, and then to Venice and beyond. The clock is ticking, and only by drawing on his expertise in arcane European art and history can Langdon crack the mystery and stop the tragedy from unfolding.

Now, with the Destination INFERNO quiz you can follow in Langdon’s footsteps! Test your knowledge of Dan Brown’s #1 bestselling novel, and see how many of Robert Langdon’s destinations you can identify.

Pay careful attention to the images within each question. Hidden throughout the ten quiz photos are two sets of symbols (fifteen in each set; thirty in all)—one right-side up and the other upside down. Find the symbols (a combination of English text, Italian, Morse code, mathematical formulas, Masonic cypher, and Roman numerals) and translate the code in order to decipher the two secret messages. Then visit Dan Brown’s website to check your answers. Successfully decoding either of the messages will earn you an exciting reward!