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Media Center: 'Gun Guys' by Dan Baum

February 28th, 2013

Author photoWHO: Dan Baum

GUN GUYS: A Road Trip

Published by Knopf March 7, 2013

Author tour to Denver, New York, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle.

“An engrossing social study from a rara avis: an East Coast progressive who is also a gun enthusiast.”

“Baum is reporting the story, and he is also,
as a gun enthusiast, a part of it.

“You don’t hear about a lot of preteen gun nuts, but Dan Baum was one of them, discovering when he was five years old that he was a crack shot. He’s always known why he loved guns (natural skill in using them and their beauty and efficiency as mechanical devices), but as an adult, he began to wonder why other people loved them. So he decided to do something he’d never done: join the gun culture, meet its people, and find out what made them tick.
“Along the way, he encounters a 24-year-old young man who lives with his mother and became interested in real guns by playing with simulated guns in video games; a gunmaker who’s upset to the point of distraction about the passing of President Obama’s health-care bill; a Hollywood armorer; and an expert in the history and manufacture of machine guns. He also deals with the murder of a friend, a victim of exactly the sort of gun violence that sparks the politically polarizing debate that Baum has been witnessing nearly everywhere he goes.
“Baum is careful not to take a political stance; he’s reporting the story, and he’s also, as a gun enthusiast, a part of it, but he’s not writing an apologia. If Jacket photoyou come into the book convinced of the need for tighter gun control, you’ll probably leave the same way, although you will leave with a deeper understanding of the many reasons, political and personal, why people love their weaponry.”
—David Pitt, in a starred review for BOOKLIST

“A very balanced accounting
of both sides of America’s gun issue.”


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