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Media Center: 'Culinary Intelligence' by Peter Kaminsky

April 17th, 2012

Photo of authorWHO:
Peter Kaminsky

The Art of Eating Healthy
(and Really Well)

WHEN: Published by Knopf May 2, 2012

Author tour: New Haven, New York, San Fransciso, Seattle.


“A formerly overweight chef, food critic, and New York Times columnist, Peter Kaminsky urges readers to use culinary intelligence—that is, their heads, not their stomachs—to guide their diet. He advises a new generation of eaters, many of whom are obese, to select flavorful, well-prepared food rather than the fattening, processed kind.
“Kaminsky shares creative insights and techniques from his extensive travels on how to choose fresh produce, meat, and seafood in today’s marketplace and how to prepare satisfying dishes that maximize flavor. He argues that a mindset based on the aroma, flavor, and five basic tastes of healthful food, instead of on the precise number of calories, provides a long-term, flexible framework for eating well—while remaining fit and trim.
“A commonsense approach for selecting healthful foods…for readers seeking advice in today’s complex food world.” —Jerry Miller, LIBRARY JOURNAL

Photo of jacket“Kaminsky’s historical and scientific insight into the evolution of food and his wit make this book palatable for all.” —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

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