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American Mermaid Book Club Kit

March 23rd, 2023

“A sincere novel about art, Hollywood, sexuality, feminism, global warming, the cultural zeitgeist…entertaining with a modern voice and a light touch of humor.” —Chicago Review of Books

In Julia Langbein’s debut novel American Mermaid, Penelope Schleeman leaves her teaching job to move to LA to adapt her surprisingly successful novel, also called American Mermaid, into a movie and hopefully make some money. When the screenwriters try to turn her androgenous eco-warrior into a sexy action hero, strange things start to happen and Penelope wonders if her fictional heroine has somehow come to life to fight back and reclaim her voice.

American Mermaid packs plenty of humor and laughs, but it also has many aspects that your book club will want to discuss, from the novel within the novel, to what it means to sell out, to personhood, family, and climate change. We’ve created a Book Club Kit, complete with cocktail recipe and playlist, so your reading group can dive in!

To download a PDF of the book club kit, click  here or on the image below.