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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at The Lioness Chocolate Bar Production with Chris Bohjalian

May 10th, 2022

We’re continuing our partnership with Chris Bohjalian and Lake Champlain Chocolates with an extra special treat! After pairing Bohjalian’s backlist with their gourmet chocolate (check out the pairings here) to celebrate the release of Hour of the Witch, Lake Champlain Chocolates is celebrating Bohjalian’s latest novel with a limited-edition chocolate bar created especially for The Lioness!  It’s bold, spicy, and fierce, and goes perfectly with this thrilling historical adventure story of a Hollywood star, her entourage, and a safari gone very, very wrong.

Bohjalian was lucky enough to participate in the chocolate production; join him behind the scenes!

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You know that expression, “a kid in a candy store?”  I spent a day in a chocolate factory — Lake Champlain Chocolates, my favorite chocolates on the planet — and I was in heaven.  I was there watching the chocolate geniuses make the special Lioness chocolate bar to celebrate my new novel, The Lioness.

All five senses were awash in chocolate: the aroma, the sound of the swirling vats, the feel of the candied coconut, the sight of the molds being filled with the creamy dark chocolate, and—of course—tasting the first bars when we were done with the first batch.

Kate Brown of Lake Champlain Chocolates is the chocolatier who invented the bar, designing it after reading The Lioness.  It’s 70% dark chocolate (my favorite)—cultivated in Uganda—coconut, and berbere spice.  You’ll devour it.

Bonus?  I love the fact that the company is giving $2 from every bar to Fair Trade USA’s Women’s Empowerment project in Africa.

—Chris Bohjalian