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Listen To Danielle Ofri Read From Writer, M.D.

January 23rd, 2012

Writer, M.D. is a collection of the best contemporary fiction and nonfiction written by doctors. Edited by Leah Kaminsky, the book includes pieces from Abraham Verghese, Pauline Chen, Atul Gawande, Danielle Ofri, and Ethan Canin. Ofri appeared recently on NPR’s “To The Best of Our Knowledge,” reading from and discussing her contribution to the book. Click to listen to the interview.

Elizabeth Taylor of the Chicago Tribune calls Writer, M.D. “an inspired collection” and notes that “Smart doctors would be well advised to buy this book and leave it in the waiting room for restless, anxious patients.” Lindsay Goldwert of the New York Daily News praised the book‘s “many fine essays,” specifically citing Pauline Chen’s essay, “Resurrectionist.”

Click to view the book’s complete table of contents and to read an excerpt.