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Media Center: 'Life of Objects' by Susanna Moore

August 29th, 2012

Photo of the authorWHO: Susanna Moore


Published by Knopf September 18, 2012

WHERE: Set in WWII Germany

“Elegant, moving, heartrending.

“Seventeen-year-old lace maker Beatrice Palmer is overjoyed when she gets the chance to leave her suffocating hometown in Ireland to become a seamstress for a prominent German family.
“The year is 1938, and Beatrice arrives to find that the Metzenburgs’ Berlin home has been requisitioned by the chancellery and most of their servants conscripted. Felix, an art collector and former ambassador, and his wife, Dorothea, the daughter of a Jewish banker and a German baroness, leave with 20 wagons of paintings, silver, and furniture to live quietly at Dorothea’s estate 40 miles south of Berlin. But within a few years, the refined Metzenburgs, appalled by Hitler’s actions yet unwilling to leave their beloved country, find themselves reduced to living in the forest, sharing what little food they have with the local villagers…
Photo of the jacket“Award-winning author Susanna Moore delivers a heartrending portrait of the ravages of war, which is all the more poignant for Beatrice’s dispassionate narration. An elegant and moving tribute to the endurance of the human spirit.”
—Joan Wilkinson in BOOKLIST

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