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Media Center: ‘Misfortune of Marion Palm’ by Emily Culliton

July 12th, 2017

WHO: Emily Culliton


WHEN: Published by Knopf August 8, 2017

WHERE: Author tour to Boston, Brooklyn, Denver, Los Angeles, Portland OR

WHY: “A darkly funny story.
“Marion Palm’s creative accounting skills are about to catch up with her, as the private school where she works (and embezzles) has finally discovered that $180,000 is missing.
“Quirky and plain, Marion resents her blue-collar background, surrounded as she is by more wealthy New Yorkers. Why shouldn’t she have nice things, too? Married to the clueless Nathan, a sometime poet, Marion has long realized that Nathan’s trust fund is not as generous as he thinks and has taken matters into her own hands. Now the school board in onto her.
“She grabs the cash she has hidden in the basement of their Brooklyn brownstone and runs, leaving Nathan to cope with their two daughters, Ginny and Jane, who are also students at the school. But it’s hard to get by on cash alone these days. Marions’s misadventures don’t take her much father that Coney Island, where she finds a surprising way out of her predicament.
“With mordant wit, deft plotting, and clever storytelling, Culliton is a young novelist to watch.” —Leslie Patterson, in a starred review for LIBRARY JOURNAL

“Wickedly clever…This debut novel signals the arrival of an exciting talent.” –PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

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Knopf. 282 pages. $25.95
ISBN 978-1-5247-3190-8

To interview the author, contact:
Anna Dobben | 212-572-2015 |