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A Glimpse Into Future Science: Essays From The Cutting Edge

August 9th, 2011

The future is now, and to prove it, editor Max Brockman has gathered together a collection of writings like no other. Here are 18 pieces from some of today’s brightest and most innovative young scientists—dazzling, inspiring, and groundbreaking.

“A tidal wave of talent…. A wealth of new and exciting ideas.” —Steven Pinker

“A glimpse of how today’s daring science is defining tomorrow’s lines for inquiry. . . . Readers will delight in the complexity of its exciting mosaic.” —Kirkus Reviews

Included in this collection are
William McEwan: Molecular Cut and Paste: The New Generation of Biological Tools
A combination of cheap DNA synthesis, freely accessible databases, and our ever expanding knowledge of protein science is conspiring to permit a revolution in creating powerful molecular tools.

Naomi I. Eisenberger: Why Rejection Hurts
The experience of social pain, while temporarily distressing and hurtful, is an evolutionary adaptation that promotes social bonding and, ultimately, survival.

Jon Kleinberg: What Can Huge Data Sets Teach Us About Society and Ourselves?
Vast digital trails of social interaction allow us to begin investigating questions that have been the subject of theoretical inquiry and small-scale analysis for a century or more.

Anthony Aguirre: Next Step: Infinity
Infinity can violate our human intuition, which is based on finite systems, and create perplexing philosophical problems.

Browse Future Science‘s complete table of contents, or just dive into Max Brockman’s Preface.