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Mind Meld Not Just for Vulcans Anymore | The Future of the Mind

January 17th, 2014

Brain-to-brain interface would not only make haptic technology possible, it would also make possible an “internet of the mind,” or brain-net, with direct brain to brain contact. In 2013, [Dr. Nicolelis] was able to accomplish something straight out of Star Trek, a “mind meld” between two brains. He started with two groups of rats, one group  at Duke University, the other group in Natal, Brazil. The first group learned to press a lever when seeing a red light. The second group learned to press the lever when their brains were stimulated by signal sent via an implant. Their reward for pressing the lever for both groups was a sip of water. Then Dr. Nicolelis connected the motor cortex of the brains of both groups together via a fine wire through the internet.

“An expansive, illuminating journey through the mind…These new mental frontiers make for captivating reading.”—Publishers Weekly

“Ingenious predictions extrapolated from good research.” —Kirkus Reviews

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