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Media Center: ‘Glow’ by Ned Beauman

January 21st, 2015

WHO: Ned Beauman

WHAT: GLOW, a novel

WHEN: Published by Knopf January 20, 2015

WHERE: Set in London.

WHY: “A raucous, seriocomic mash-up of mystery and noir…combining a wickedly inventive plot with dazzling metaphors and trenchant social observations.
“In 2010 London’s hip rave and drug subculture, Raf, a 22-year-old freelance web designer with an unusual sleep disorder, meets a beautiful and exotic young Burmese American Woman named Cherish at a rave in a launderette. Soon Raf is immersed in a shadowy underground of Burmese immigrants battling a sinister corporate conspiracy.
“The American mining corporation Lacebark has been exploiting Burmese miners for years, but now as mining profits decrease they’re looking for a new source of revenue and have decided to enter the illegal drug business. Their product is a mysterious drug used by the Burmese miners called Glow, which only Win, a Burmese chemist in London, knows how to manufacture.
“Shady characters in white vans are suddenly traversing London, kidnapping Burmese immigrants, and Lacebark has set up a super-secret training facility in a warehouse preparing for a series of raids designed to capture Win and eliminate the opposition. Now, Raf’s involvement with Cherish may also make him a target.
“This smart and streetwise novel will bring a glow to the reader as well.”
—Lawrence Rungren, LIBRARY JOURNAL

Jacket photo“Droll, clever, and intelligent.”

“A quirky tale of love an corporate overreach.”

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