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Quick Questions with Rebecca Harrington

February 19th, 2019

Available in paperback, Sociable is a deliciously irreverent satire about the bewildering etiquette of online dating, the preening male ego, and the capricious nature of Internet fame. Described by Marie Claire as “a sardonic send-up of millennial romance,” Sociable follows an exuberant young journalist to New York City where her expectations of effortless fame and glamorous soirees take a devastating blow. With wry humor and sharp intelligence, Rebecca Harrington tells the hilarious tale of one young woman’s search for happiness. Recently, we asked Harrington to answer a few rapid-fire questions. From dating apps to book recommendations, Harrington gives us a peek into her personality and the trademark humor that permeates the pages of her novel. In honor of National Drink Wine Day, why not pour yourself a generous glass and curl up with this charming page-turner?


Reading Group Center: What celebrity would you choose to star in a movie about your life?

Rebecca Harrington: Someone who does not exist yet, but who marries a bilious face with a small, yet oddly proportioned body. I’m sure they will become famous soon!!!


RGC: Favorite dating app?

RH: Bumble because the men are so vain on it.


RGC: How do you take your coffee?

RH: In large amounts


RGC: What are three things you can’t stop recommending to people?

RH: Bumble, an octangular sound machine, the book, The Magus even though I forget what it is about.


RGC: Who/what inspires you?

RH: My mom and my sister.


RGC: What piece of your wardrobe could you not live without?

RH: This massive down jacket I have that is really almost like a parachute.


RGC: Favorite part of New York City? 

RH: The subway!


RGC: What are you binge watching on Netflix?

RH: You. OMG Penn Badgely is a genius.


RGC: What is your go-to book recommendation?

RH: The Good Soldier. As of yet, no one has actually read it, despite my boring urging.


RGC: You’re at a wine bar and someone else is paying, what do you order?

RH: Oh, wine for sure!