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The Caveman in Your Cube | The Future of the Mind

January 30th, 2014

The Caveman Principle is this: given a choice between high-tech or high-touch, we opt for high-touch every time. For example, if we are given a choice between tickets to see our favorite musician live on stage, or a CD of the same musician in concert, which would we choose? Or if we are given a choice between tickets to visit to the Taj Mahal or just getting a beautiful picture of it, which would we prefer? More than likely the concert and the airplane tickets.

This is because we have inherited the consciousness of our ape-like ancestors. Some of our basic personality has probably not changed much in the last 100,000 years, since the first modern humans emerged from Africa. A large portion of our consciousness is devoted to looking good and trying to impress members of the opposite sex and our peers. This is hard wired into our brains.


“An expansive, illuminating journey through the mind…These new mental frontiers make for captivating reading.”—Publishers Weekly

“Ingenious predictions extrapolated from good research.” —Kirkus Reviews

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