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An Alexander McCall Smith Mystery for Readers of All Ages

October 28th, 2014

Alexander McCall Smith’s third Precious Ramotswe Mystery for Young Readers, The Mystery of the Missing Lion, is a safari adventure that will delight readers of all ages. The joyful illustrations will tickle your fancy, bringing to life the teeming wildlife of the jungle. The setting and the easy-to-follow plot make the mystery pure fun and a great book to share with the whole family. Follow along as nine-year-old Precious and her friend Khumo brave hippos and crocodiles in search of a missing actor-lion named Teddy. Below, you can take a peek at Teddy performing on the film set of a new movie—before he disappears into the untamed jungle.


“The children watched as the film crew set about their work. Tom took the lion, called Teddy by everyone, to the tree and told him to sit under it.
‘Sit, Teddy,” he said. And Teddy, like a well-trained dog, sat down obediently. The scene they were filming had two actors walking across a piece of ground and seeing the lion, sitting under a tree.’” (p. 36)


“Teddy had pounced on them not to eat them or to scratch them, but to play.

Now he was lying on the ground, his feet up in the air, inviting them to scratch his stomach. It was very funny.” (p. 43)


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