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Media Center: ‘Passion for Leadership’ by Robert M. Gates

January 13th, 2016

WHO: Robert M. Gates

Lessons on Change and Reform
from Fifty Years of Public Service

WHEN: Published by Knopf January 19, 2016

WHERE: The author lives in Wichita.

WHY: “A powerful and pragmatic look at leadership.
“Drawing on his experiences at the Defense Department, the CIA, and Texas A&M University, Gates offers leaders ‘specific ideas and techniques that enable them to successfully reform and improve their organizations.’ He goes on to expound on the qualities necessary for leading reform, including having a vision, strategic thinking, attention to implementation, transparency, a respectful attitude, and political finesse with stakeholders.
“The concepts come to life through Gates’s clear prose and illuminating examples of his own successes and failures, from an unpopular tenure as deputy director for intelligence at the CIA during the early 1980s, to successful efforts to increase diversity at A&M and transparency at the post–Cold War CIA. Readers will be struck by Gates’s humility, humor, and undeniable expertise.
“This practical, no-nonsense look at leadership will not only provide a useful guide but also serve as an inspiration for young people interested in entering public service. A must-read for anyone who wants to be an agent of change within an organization.”

“A concise distillation of more than five decades of leadership knowledge — good reading for all of the 2016 presidential candidates.” —KIRKUS REVIEWS

“Solid advice that should be passed on to leaders at any season of life and particularly helpful to those new to such responsibility.”

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