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Moondogs by Alexander Yates

March 21st, 2011

“A man and a rooster exit a taxi idling on a crowded street. The man is short and thin, and the rooster is green, and the rooster belongs to him. The taxi belongs to him as well. He’s wearing a fresh shirt, the blood all washed out, and his polyester slacks shine a little in the afternoon light. He’s too young to be balding, but is. His mouth is a rotten mess, owing to bad hygiene and a shabu habit. His name is Ignacio. He and the rooster are villains.”

So begins Moondogs by Alexander Yates–a rollicking and utterly engrossing debut novel that Kirkus Reviews calls “an unusual and unusually involving first novel with strong characters and nifty supernatural effects.” Library Journal echoes, “the vibrant and convincing setting coupled with the well-drawn major characters make for a competent crime story. Genre fans will find much to enjoy here; recommended.” And The Wall Street Journal raves: “Readers will be gratified by the ambition and raw energy on display in this particular promising debut.”

Take one look at the cover art for the book and you know you’re in for a ride! Fans of both Reservoir Dogs and Quentin Tarantino are in for a treat, as are all readers looking for a singular and stunning fresh literary voice.

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