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Ali Smith’s Winter

November 8th, 2018

We are so excited to celebrate Winter, the second book in Ali Smith’s Seasonal quartet! In the much-anticipated follow-up to Autumn, Smith introduces us to new characters who find themselves brought together for Christmas in a house where secrets are guarded, true identities are obscured and revealed, and reality itself is questioned. Smith’s writing is playful, layered, and rich with plenty for your reading group to unpack and turn over.

To deepen your discussion, we are happy to share an interview Smith did with Writers & Company on CBC. She discusses her favorite season, the passage of time, the recent political climate that permeates the quartet, ghost stories, art, and so much more. It is a truly delightful interview, and we hope you and your book group enjoy it as much as we did.


P.S. We happened to stumble across a piece by Barbara Hepworth, whose work Smith features heavily in Winter, while wandering around the sculpture garden at the New Orleans Museum of Art! Here’s a snapshot we took:

Hepworth Sculpture

(River Form, 1965, Bronze)