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SORRY a thrillerby Zoran Drvenkar

August 29th, 2011

Zoran Drvenkar

A Thriller.
Translated from the German by Sean Whiteside

Published by Knopf September 22, 2011

The author was born in Croatia, moved to Germany when he was three, and now lives just outside of Berlin.

“Hang on for the ride…
The narrative momentum accelerates into a page-turning climax.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“Very clever and very dark.”
“Twentysomething Kris, his brother, Wolf, and two childhood friends, Tamara and Fauke, are all frustrated, working subpar jobs for very little money. After an evening of raucous conversation and too much wine, the four come up with the idea of going into business together.
“For the right fee, their agency will officially apologize to wronged parties. Working for both corporations and individuals, the agency becomes so successful that the four can purchase an old villa on a rambling estate. Everything is going perfectly until they take a job that brings them to a crumbling old apartment. Inside, they find the party they are supposed to apologize to—a dead woman, nailed to the wall…
“So starts a horrifying odyssey, a gruesome cat-and-mouse game with the person who hired them. Riffing on the nature of remorse within an elegantly structured and labyrinthine plot, Drvenkar gives his lead characters complicated backstories touching on estrangement, child abuse, and grief.”
—Joanne Wilkinson, Booklist

“A challenging, insightful thriller.”
—Publishers Weekly
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