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‘Solo’ by Anita Lo

October 10th, 2018

WHO: Anita Lo

A Modern Cookbook for a Party of One

WHEN: Published by Knopf November 1, 2018

WHERE: The author lives in
New York and on Long Island

WHY: “A marvelous debut cookbook.
“A clever compilation of recipes fit for anyone, not just for the lonely-hearted. Single-serving, one-dish meals include a Japanese-inspired ochazuke made with leftover cooked rice and Korean jap chae noodles that Lo learned to make while training as a chef in Seoul. Recipes include New Orleans–style barbecued shrimp, and grilled chicken breast with cumin, limes, and served with chilaquiles (a Mexican breakfast dish of leftover tortillas).
“Along the way, Lo entertains with sometimes self-deprecating stories, like the one about the Icelandic artist who broke up with her after they found a dead body on a date (and the Valentine’s Day dish the experience inspired—roasted arctic char with lentils and dates). ‘Don’t Waste It!’ tips suggest ideas for leftovers (the unused coconut milk from Thai curry chicken can then be used in caramelized bananas), and a chapter on desserts includes cakes and pies, as well as fresh grapefruit enhanced by elderflower syrup and mint. A section on ingredients and equipment provides a form for logging ingredients and dishes kept in the freezer.
“Lo’s quirky tone and charming illustrations make this a winner.”
–PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, a starred review

. . . . .


I put the “Lo” in “solo.” The A Lo in “alone.” I’ve been dumped almost as many times as I’ve been in relationships—and I can count those on less than two hands. Spread over my fifty-year life-span, that’s a lot of solo meals. So if you consider that—coupled with my many years working as a professional chef—it seems that I’m particularly well suited to write this book. Those chefs who say they can’t cook for fewer
than forty people? Not me—I can do math. It is my Asian birthright.

Jacket photo

Knopf. With 85 full-color illustrations.
236 pages. $28.95
ISBN 978-0-451-49360-6

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