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Recipe by the Book: Tourain Blanchi à l’Ail for Martin Walker’s The Devil’s Cave

August 21st, 2014

RBTB_H (1)When the body of a dead woman is found floating in the nearby river, Chief of Police Bruno Courrèges is drawn into a new case. The grizzly murder has upset the peaceful idyll of St. Denis. Bruno, star of Martin Walker’s mystery fiction series, will surely get to the bottom of it, but he’s much more than a skilled detective. When he’s not busy catching criminals in his role of chief of police in St. Denis, a town nestled in the rural region of  Périgord, he tends his vegetable garden, takes care of his animals—a horse, ducks, and chickens—and prepares tasty delicacies in his kitchen. One of his favorite soup recipes is for tourain, a traditional Périgordian dish that includes a staple of the local diet: duck fat. Get transported to the French countryside through a truly authentic culinary experience. Follow Bruno’s investigation in The Devil’s Cave and treat your reading group to a bowl of tourain—spiked with red wine, of course—at your next meeting!

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