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Recipe by the Book: Kate Christensen’s Spinach Pie

April 28th, 2014

RBTB_H (1)After six novels and a PEN/Faulkner Award, writer Kate Christensen has turned to memoir in Blue Plate Special—a poignant, food-centric account of her life story. Packed with scenes where Christensen is cooking, consuming, and reflecting on dishes simple and haute, the book will make your mouth water time and time again. Food is also the lens through which Christensen’s recollections of an unusual childhood, romantic and family relationships, travels, professional ambitions, and a life-long quest for happiness come into focus. “To taste fully is to live fully,” she writes in the prologue. “And to live fully is to be awake and responsive to complexities and truths—good and terrible, overwhelming and miniscule.” Food becomes a powerful metaphor for finding sustenance and contentment during life’s most difficult moments. We hope that you enjoy the excerpt from Blue Plate Special with a helping of Christensen’s favorite spinach pie—we know you’ll be back for more soon!

(If you have trouble viewing the recipe card below, please click here to view on Scribd.)