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A Note and Special Offer from John Twelve Hawks to His Fans

July 14th, 2010

Dear Everyone:

As many of you know, emails and letters from my readers were a huge help to me as I worked on the Fourth Realm trilogy. I feel very connected to all of you, and I am deeply grateful for that connection.

This July, Vintage Books in the USA published a new, complete trade paperback set with matched covers, and in conjunction with this event, I would like to do something to thank you for your support. I’m offering 10 signed paperback sets of the trilogy– AND five signed sets of the American hardback edition.

During the last few years I have received continual requests for signed copies of the Fourth Realm Trilogy. The only books I have signed have all been stamped and numbered. Each edition, including this new paperback edition, has a limited amount of signed books. I don’t intend to sign any more.

This is not a contest and you won’t be required to answer trivia questions about Maya and Gabriel. Simply sign up here.

We will be accepting sign-ups until the end of July.

Good luck!

John Twelve Hawks