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A World Traveler Map for The Other Language

February 27th, 2015

Featuring several sun-drenched locales, Francesca Marciano’s The Other Language will cure the winter doldrums and give you a serious case of wanderlust!

The nine stories gathered in this volume take place in different parts of the world, conjuring the charm of a small Greek village; the glamour of Venice during movie award season; and the unrestrained beauty of coastal Kenya. Marciano’s characters cross borders to escape the past, find adventure, and reinvent themselves—the impetus behind many a globetrotter’s journey.

Join us for a tour of the book’s locales with our exclusive world traveler map and experience this truly cosmopolitan literary collection.

(Click on the map below for a larger image.)

Destination #1: “The Other Language”

Recovering from her mother’s death, a teenage girl encounters first love during a summer in Greece.


Destination #2: “Chanel”

In Venice for the David Awards—the Italian Oscars—a filmmaker impulsively buys a Chanel dress vastly beyond her means.


Destination #3: “Big Island, Small Island”

On her way back from an academic conference, an Italian researcher makes a last-minute detour to visit a charismatic former lover, now living on a remote Tanzanian island.


Destination #4: “The Presence of Men”

A recent divorcée buys a house in a small southern Italian village in an attempt to start over.


Destination #5: “An Indian Soirée”

A couple’s vacation in southern India further unravels their already faltering sixteen-year marriage.


Destination #6: “The Club”

A Scottish woman moves from the big Mombasa house she shared with her late husband for forty years to a small cottage by the ocean.


Destination #7: “The Italian System”

After seven years in New York, a woman returns home to Rome to find it different from her idealized vision of Italian life.


Destination #8: “Quantum Theory”

When a nonprofit worker’s car breaks down in the middle of the African bush, an attractive man comes to her rescue. They have a serendipitous run-in in New York years later.


Destination #9: “Roman Romance”

A woman and her date attend the Rome concert of a famous American musician—who happens to be her ex-boyfriend from twenty years ago.