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David Anthony Durham On Meeting George R. R. Martin

February 23rd, 2012

The Sacred Band is the concluding volume in David Anthony Durham’s acclaimed fantasy saga, the Acacia Trilogy. A series of world-shaping, earth-shattering battles will force the surviving children of the Akaran dynasty to confront their fates head on—and right some ancient wrongs once and for all. No less than George R. R. Martin has joined the chorus of praise, declaring: “David Anthony Durham has serious chops. I can’t wait to read whatever he writes next.” The two authors have some history: in his essay, “On Meeting George,” Durham recalls what it was like to meet Martin.

I was out with a gang of writers at my very first World Fantasy Convention in 2007. We were grabbing a meal before heading back to the conference center for the mass signing session, where all the authors at the conference sit at tables, available to sign autographs.

“Whatever you do at the signing session,” one of my companions said, “don’t sit next to George R. R. Martin. It’ll destroy your soul.”

Good advice. GRRM would have a line of fans a mile long. Anyone sitting next to him would suffer the indignity of having to make paper airplanes, while trying not to look too desperate for somebody, anybody, to ask for a signature. Wouldn’t want to be that fool!

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