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Explore Ted Mooney's The Same River Twice

June 30th, 2011

Book clubs looking for a dynamic literary thriller will love The Same River Twice, by Ted Mooney. This New York Times Notable Book is the gripping story of Odile, a French clothing designer, and her American filmmaker husband, Max. The two are keeping secrets from each other—secrets that lead them down a winding path of deception, endangering their marriage as well as their lives.

Ted Mooney visited The Leonard Lopate Show to discuss The Same River Twice. Click here to listen to the interview. Plus, click here to listen to Ted discuss the book on The New York Times Book Review podcast.

Click here to read an excerpt from the book, and click here to download our reading group guide.

Select Praise for The Same River Twice:

“A cut-throat Russian businessman, two ruthlessly ambitious and beautiful young women and a scheme to make unlimited amount of cash—and voilà, you’re caught up in the momentum of a great story…. Magnificent.” — The New York Times

The Same River Twice is a philosophical entertainment doubling as a riveting, unconventional thriller…. Dazzling… shimmering, charged.” —The Boston Globe

The Same River Twice is the tale of beautiful losers living on the edge…. [A] lushly cinematic mystery . . . for the highbrow set—those who take their thrillers with a dash of art history.” —Minneapolis Star-Tribune

“It’s too bad that Alfred Hitchcock isn’t still around to direct a movie adaptation of this kaleidoscope of a novel of intrigue.” —St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The Same River Twice could almost be filmed straight from the page…. [Mooney’s] up-to-date stylistic concerns, art world experience, and nods to 1980s-style branding lend an indefinable chic to a solid thriller.” —The New York Review of Books