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The Wasted Vigil by Nadeem Aslam

September 10th, 2009

The raves for Nadeem Aslam’s The Wasted Vigil are in!

“Extraordinary,” says The New York Review of Books, “Aslam’s determination to gaze resolutely at the darkest side of our many cold and hot wars is what gives The Wasted Vigil its depth and power.”

The Boston Globe calls it “Harrowing yet beautiful…. With astonishing lyricism and compassion Aslam creates unforgettable characters.

And, O, Oprah Magazine says, “The power of Aslam’s novel lives in the explosive adjacency of brutality and love, the poison of fanaticism diluted by the perfume of Persian lilacs.”

Read an excerpt and see for yourself what all of the fuss is about. Then, buy your copy