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‘This Storm’ by James Ellroy

May 8th, 2019

WHO: James Ellroy


WHEN: Published by Knopf June 4, 2019

WHERE: The story is set in Los Angeles.

WHY: “A gritty, absorbing novel that proves once again that James Ellroy is the rightful heir of Chandler, Cain, and Hammett.
“Ellroy, master of California noir, serves up a heaping helping of mayhem in this second volume of his Second L.A. Quartet. If there’s a constant in Ellroy’s storytelling, apart from snappy prose, it’s that there’s a fine and often indistinguishable line between good guys and bad guys: His cops are dirty, his villains sometimes blessed with noble virtues. There’s not much nobility in this new novel, though, which picks up after Pearl Harbor in the uneasy months when Nazis are floating around on the streets of Tijuana and LA, soldiers and sailors are battling zoot-suiters, Father Coughlin is sputtering anti-Semitic propaganda across the line on Mexican radio, and Japanese-Americans are being rounded up for internment.
“But even the beleaguered nisei take time to cast out a few slurs at the Chinese for whom they’re confused, while the LA constabulary scours the streets. ‘How come we’re not rousting the dagos and the Krauts?’ wonders one, even as everyone avoids the elephant in the room, a shipment of gold that’s gone missing. It being Ellroy, there are tangled storylines aplenty as well as a large dramatis personae, many of whom will be familiar to readers of Perfidia. About the best of them is the Japanese-American police investigator Hideo Ashida, who harbors no illusions about his clientele: ‘Lustful men and corrupt women. It was ghastly business.’ Lead player Elmer Jackson, a world-weary flatfoot, has his good points, too, but he’d rather be back in vice than on the Alien Squad, where it ‘was Japs twelve days a week.’
“Mix in Mary Jane-dealing starlets, sleazy informants, synarchist gangsters, ‘cops in the Silver Shirts and German-American Bund,’ Orson Welles and Walter Pidgeon in a decidedly non-Hays Code film sequence, and a thousand other threads, and you’ve got a raucous tale that will likely leave you in need of a shower and a Disney film.”
–KIRKUS, starred review

“A stunning sequel to Perfidia.
Just when it seems that things couldn’t get darker, Ellroy peels back a deeper level of corruption. This obsessive, wholly satisfying probing of 20th-century American history deserves a wide readership.” —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, boxed and starred review

“A major literary event. A fevered secret history that could have been dreamed by nobody else. Relentlessly compelling.” —Keir Graff, BOOKLIST

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It’s a sit-and-wait job. Some hot-prowl burglar/rape-o’s out creeping. He’s Tommy Glennon, recent Quentin grad. He’s notched five 459/sodomies since Pearl Harbor.

Happy fucking New Year.

Three-man stakeout. Two parked cars. 24th and Normandie. Sit and wait. Endure bugs-up-your-ass ennui.

The rain. Plus war-blackout regulations. Drawn shades, doused streetlamps. Bum visibility.

It’s a stag hunt. The PD worked that way. Four victims mugshot-ID’d Tommy. The Chief and Dudley Smith conferred. They called it. Per always: perv shit on women mandates DEATH.

Elmer gargled Old Crow. He had the front-house car. Mike Breuning and Dick Carlisle had the alley. Tommy had the crib cased. Two leggy sisters lived there. Lockstep surveillance locked down the gestalt.

Central Burglary tailed Tommy a week running. Elmer moved the sisters out and moved his leggy girlfriend in. She had the legs and the stones for the job.

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