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Welcome to The Rabbit Hutch

June 26th, 2023
Tess Gunty’s National Book Award-winning novel The Rabbit Hutch follows a group of characters — all residents of an affordable housing complex called “The Rabbit Hutch” — over the course of three sweltering days one summer in Vacca Vale as their lives violently collide.

The Rabbit Hutch is quite dysfunctional. The walls are very thin, and every character can hear others’ lives playing out around them like radio plays, dramatizing one of the novels central questions, which is simply what do we owe each other? What do we owe our neighbors? Our nation? Our world?

The book opens with a peek into each characters’ apartment at the climax of the novel. Here Tess illustrates these vignettes as she imagines them.

The Rabbit Hutch is now available in paperback. Read a Q&A with author Tess Gunty here.