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Rahm Emanuel to Publish Book with Knopf

September 18th, 2018

2018-09-18 (NEW YORK, NY) – Alfred A. Knopf will publish a book by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel about effective governing in a time of historic gridlock. In The Nation City: Why Mayors Run the World, Emanuel will show that while the federal government has historically led change, today cities are increasingly the places where things are getting done, reforms are being addressed, and grand projects are being realized. The book will be published in Spring 2020.

“Cities are now the hubs of innovations and ideas, the places that drive the economic, intellectual and cultural energy of the world and Mayors are leading the way,” says Emanuel. “We acknowledge and address climate change. We deal with immigration and infrastructure. We grapple with education, disparities in wealth, health, housing, terrorism, crime and gun violence.”

In America (and around the world) citizens are increasingly frustrated with federal governments where partisan rancor has become the norm. Emanuel believes that effective governing need not be a thing of the past, and that there are lessons to glean from the work of Mayors around the world.

“Cities have become the places where function has replaced dysfunction,” says Emanuel. Citizens are closer to municipal governments, and as a result, the demands on those governments to deliver quality of life results are high. “Constituents can—and do—affect outcomes and policies through their engagement, because paralysis is not an option for local municipalities.”

Emanuel articulates a vision for, and comes armed with examples of, a new localist liberalism for Democrats in the 21st century, built around urban areas. Aimed at centrists and progressive Democrats, as well as independents frustrated by the state of America today, The Nation City will show why cities hold the future for America, and the lessons we can all learn from them.
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RAHM EMANUEL is the 55th mayor of the City of Chicago.

Since his election in 2011, Mayor Emanuel has led major investments across education, youth programming, neighborhood development, transportation, infrastructure, public health, and public safety.

Over Mayor Emanuel’s tenure, Chicago’s students have experienced record education gains, while the city has led the nation in corporate relocations for five consecutive years, and led the nation in foreign direct-investment for six consecutive years.

Mayor Emanuel has also marked record progress in reducing Chicago’s structural deficit from $635.6 million in 2012 to $97.9 million for 2019 – the lowest it has been since 2007.

Previously, Mayor Emanuel served as White House Chief of Staff for President Barack Obama, three terms in the U.S. House of Representatives representing Illinois’ 5th District, and was a key member of the Clinton White House.

He is married to Amy Rule, and they have three children.

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