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Reviewers Love Ben Dolnick's You Know Who You Are

April 7th, 2011

We would love to tell you all about Ben Dolnick’s second novel, You Know Who You Are. We would tell you how well-observed, and smart it is, and how much we love its main character, Jacob Vine…but the reviews are in, and the critics have said it better than we ever could. Let’s start with The Daily Beast, who declared: “There is a brave kind of confidence required to tell a simple story, with no po-mo trickery or grand melodrama, and young author Ben Dolnick has already found that confidence in spades.”

Next up, The Washington Post, who identify that “…Dolnick’s secret power — if only novelists were superheroes! — is his mastery of observation. His descriptions can be both intricate, clear and witty.” The Austin Chronicle is on the same page: “Dolnick’s skill lies in how adroitly he manages Jacob’s voice throughout the novel…. the reader never finds an unrealistic shift in Jacob’s perspective or mood.”

The Boston Globe says, “This lovely novel is hauntingly wise in the ways of American boyhood, capturing the intensity of middle-school friendship and early romance.” Time Out Chicago notes that, “Dolnick’s sincere, snark-free observation lends credibility and provokes empathy.” The Daily Beast agrees, adding, “Eschewing the ironic mantle of his generation, [Dolnick] has created a captivating human portrait, and promises to be a strong force in the fight to reclaim earnestness.”

Convinced yet? Click here to read an excerpt from the book, and click here to purchase a copy.