The Age of Wonder Hits NYTBR's Top 10!

The New York Times Book Review has chosen Richard Holmes’s The Age of Wonder as one of its top 10 best books of the year, calling it a “superb intellectual history.”

The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Karen Long also just picked The Age of Wonder as one of the top gift books of the year.

Praise for The Age of Wonder
“Holmes’s enthralling book itself exemplifies those qualities fostered by a scientific culture: the sense of individual wonder, the power of hope, and the vivid but questing belief in a future for the globe.” —The Washington Post

“In this big two-hearted river of a book, the twin energies of scientific curiosity and poetic invention pulsate on every page.” —The New York Times Book Review

“Holmes is certainly the man to undertake this intellectual salvage operation. . .Ambitious. . .Eloquent” —Wall Street Journal