Kevin Canty Launches Website

Kevin Canty, whose new novel Everything is out this July, has launched a comprehensive website that will feature a new short story every month! Take a look around, and be sure to read his essay “Where I live, and why I live there,” about living in Montana, the setting of his forthcoming book.

“Written in prose as clear and quick as the river waters of his native Montana, Kevin Canty’s new novel is an unforgettable journey into the wilderness that lies between loss and redemption. As his characters struggle through this harsh terrain, they prove themselves to be just like you and me – only more so. With Everything, Canty confirms his place among our very best writers.”
—Stephen Amidon, author of Security and Human Capital

“Kevin Canty’s new novel explores and celebrates the complexities of love, grief, and redemption and does so in prose so taut and electric that every sentence, every word—even the white space—carries a charge. Everything is a marvel.”
—Larry Watson, author of Montana, 1948 and Sundown, Yellow Moon

“There is truth and scorch in this fine new novel, Everything. Kevin Canty does not so much write a sentence as he cuts it into the page. He strikes me as the last of a kind, unflinching when faced with the dreadful prospect of our vast dying soul. He understands our secrets are themselves the keeper of secrets. He understands us for how wanting and dangerous and kind and unkind we can be to ourselves and to each other.”
—Robert Olmstead, author of Far Bright Star and Coal Black Horse