Reading Jackie by William Kuhn

On the outside, the intensely private former First Lady may have seemed enigmatic, but Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was actually making her rich inner life known to the public every time she published one of the hundred books she edited in the last two decades of her life. On sale today, William Kuhn’s revelatory Reading Jackie: Her Autobiography in Books, is the first book that goes behind the way she looked to show the way she thought.

A wonderful holiday gift, beautifully illustrated with more than 60 photographs, Reading Jackie is hailed by Library Journal as “a revealing, readable and insighful book. Readers of biographies of iconic figures will eat this up… Kuhn’s respectful approach would have met with Onassis’s approval.” reports, “Onassis’s collected works, along with long-guarded anecdotes from Doubleday employees and authors whom she helped publish and befriended, portray a side of the woman that the public seldom saw.”

Read an excerpt in The Daily Beast and view some of the rare and previously unpublished photos of Jackie on William Kuhn’s website. For more news and updates, follow Kuhn on Facebook and Twitter.