THE WOLF GIFT by Anne Rice

THE WOLF GIFT by Anne Rice

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WHO: Anne Rice


WHEN: Published by Knopf February 14, 2012

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“Thrilling and page-turning.

“Best-selling author Anne Rice turns away from angels in her latest novel to tackle another supernatural phenomenon: the werewolf.
“Handsome, young Reuben Golding has a burgeoning career as a reporter for a San Francisco paper. Assigned to do a story on a beautiful estate, Reuben is enchanted by Marchent Nideck, the woman who plans to put the house on the market, but his tryst with Marchent ends in tragedy when two men break into the house and murder her. They turn on Reuben, but he is saved by a mysterious creature.
photo of jacket“While recuperating in the hospital, Reuben notices his hair is growing thicker and his sense of hearing is heightened. And then comes the big change: Reuben transforms into a wolflike creature at night. In man-wolf form, Reuben is able to zero in on cries for help, but his violent, albeit heroic, acts draw the attention of city officials as well as people who mean Reuben harm.
“Rice weaves her trademark meditations on the role of supernatural creatures in society into an often thrilling, page-turning yarn. News that the legendary vampire chronicler has written a novel about werewolves is mobilizing Rice’s multitude of library-card-carrying fans.” —Kristine Huntley, BOOKLIST

“A modern retelling of the werewolf legend.
This book has stirred enthusiasm from longtime Rice fans, who can anticipate a dark and gripping mood.” —Barbara Hoffert, LIBRARY JOURNAL

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