Advice From a Wild Woman: Cheryl Strayed's Tiny Beautiful Things

Life can be hard, and life can be great—but either way, the best person to turn to for advice is Sugar, the once-anonymous online columnist at The Rumpus, now revealed as Cheryl Strayed, author of the bestselling memoir Wild. Tiny Beautiful Things brings the best of Dear Sugar in one place and includes never-before-published columns and a new introduction by Steve Almond.

The reviews are in, and they’re ecstatic. Says Entertainment Weekly, “[Strayed] proves real connection is still possible, even on the Internet, where everyone’s shouting to be heard.” The Chicago Tribune agrees, declaring: “To say that Cheryl Strayed is an Internet advice columnist does not do her justice. Tiny Beautiful Things is a gob-smacking high, a brilliant reinvention of the Miss Lonelyhearts genre.”

Click to read an interview with Cheryl Strayed on, where she discusses her writing life and what it’s like to be an advice columnist. Plus, spread the Dear Sugar love with your loved ones—we’ve created a set of quote tiles that are perfect for sharing on Facebook, Tumblr, or whatever corners need a little brightening. See below for an example, and click here for the full set.

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